Still in Recovery

Still Doing This One Day at a Time

Still in Recovery (SIR)

This community was created so that we might have a place where we can come together and share our stories of experience, strength and hope.

I hope that you find sharing and hearing experiences as important to your recovery as I do mine. My hope is that this will become a community in recovery from anyone, any where in the world. The more contributors there are, the better our chances of never having to come back in to a room and say, “I have one day.”

We’re all in this together, so let’s just keep pulling and stay connected.

~ Thank you for every day I have.

Taking My Ball and Going Home

Recently I experienced a moment of selfishness that created an emotion that sparked me to do something I am not particularly proud of. What I did hurt no one but me and that is unacceptable. Amends must be made, yet I am not really sure how to do them. This action...
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Dealing with Death

Being Present in Death When I was 21 my Great-Grandmother passed away. We all new it was coming. My mother and younger brother moved in with her to help her die in peace at home. They had a very long commute everyday to and from her house so moving in with her seemed...
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Balance in Llfe

Getting Too Comfortable. I know that on our coins there are three sides to the triangle: Unity, Service and Recovery. I have been told that Unity is being involved in the program by going to meetings and staying connected with a community of similar minded people with...
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Connections of the Past

Sometimes I Stay Away out of Fear. I ran into an old friend today. I have nothing but fond memories with him. We watched our kids grow up and play soccer together for a few years. We shared road trips all over the state and some of the neighboring ones for games and...
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Excluding Myself

Why do I choose to be on the outside? Recently I had the opportunity to make some headway and bond with some of my future family members and I didn't. Why did I remove myself from the fun? I told myself that it was because of my competitive nature and that I wouldn't...
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The Pause

Pause is something that comes between stimuli and response. In my past I used to react to things on an emotional and instinctual level.  After a while in my program and working my steps I have noticed that the pause turns my reaction into a response.  In my past a...
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4 Years and Counting

Four years later life is very different As I look back on the last four years of my writings I can see that I have a very different approach to life. I have a hard time noticing the tough times. I know that there have been some yet I just can't really seem to remember...
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Corrections and Suggestions from Others

I came to realize that the reason I do these things is generally to help. I also noticed that about half of the time it is not received in the way I meant it. I also notice that I too get a little angered when someone does this to me.
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Approaching 4 Years

Today I find that I am actually living a life that I am proud of and see a future full of joy and freedom. Freedom from the nightmares of fear that haunted my every hour. Freedom from the burdens of guilt and remorse...
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Irrational fear and Cleaning House

Missing out on having more fun with my friends and enjoying the water for the whole summer until we finally got rid of the pool. Now some may say why didn't you just clean it out? Looking back, I am not sure why we never did that.
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Community, Service and Recovery

We cannot do this alone, no matter what you might think. Let your recovery be a part of something bigger and help others that may not be able to get to a meeting right now.

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